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Why So Many People Carry Out Roof Conversions On Their Campervans

Added: 04 May 2021




Campervan conversions are becoming increasingly popular again here in the UK and campers aren’t an uncommon sight on campsites these days. Whilst camper vans have been around for decades and they’ve always been loved by some, they were frequently overlooked by others who wanted to go on exotic holidays abroad. However, now that staycations are a holiday trend once more, converted vans have made a big come back. 

When deciding to convert your own VW into a camper, there are so many brilliant conversion options to choose from and you really can transform the van into somewhere that’s perfect for you. One particular conversion that may tend to carry out on their VW van is a roof conversion and installing an elevating or pop top roof is undeniably a great add-on not just to campers but also to day vans, Kombis and Caravelles too. If you’re wondering what makes this particular conversion so popular, keep reading today. 

Provides an additional sleeping space 

This is probably one of the biggest benefits to a roof conversion and the fact that it provides you with an additional sleeping area is usually what draws people to it. The majority of campervans can only sleep two adults, but when you have a pop top roof installed you have the option to use a roof bed that will comfortably be able to sleep another two adults.

By simply having a roof conversion, a converted van instantly becomes suitable for families or groups of friends and it prevents anyone from having to sleep in a tent or an awning when going away for the weekend. 

Allows you to stand up in the van 

Not only does a roof conversion provide you with another sleeping space, but when the roof mattress isn’t being used it can be pushed up into the roof area which will allow you to stand up in the van. This is much more beneficial than people initially realise and it will make simple day-to-day activities so much easier. 

Whether you’re cooking dinner or just making a cup of tea in the camper, you won’t have to worry about minding your head and if you’re away for a week or two somewhere in your converted van, this can help to prevent things like backache as well. 

Makes the camper feel more spacious 

The extra room that the pop top roof gives you can make the whole campervan feel much more spacious and many are surprised by just how much of a difference this extra height can make. When the roof is up, you will have more natural light flooding in the camper too as elevating roofs tend to have a couple of side windows as well. 

Not only can these windows help with light, but they can also aid ventilation too and you may even find that some roof conversions have open sky panoramic canvases that allow you to open up the whole roof space on a sunny day. 

Enables you to still carry a roof box 

Contrary to popular belief, roof conversions don’t prevent you from being able to have additional storage on your roof and high-quality pop top roofs are strong enough to carry a roof box. So, when you have a roof conversion, you really will get the best of both worlds; more space inside the van and additional convenient storage on top too. 

The solid construction of elevating roofs means that you can install any active rails and appropriate crossbars to carry things like kayaks and surfboards if required as well. You will never have to compromise because you have a roof conversion. 

Adding a pop top roof to your camper

All in all, it is easy to see why so many people who own converted VW vans choose to have a roof conversion and the extra space that a simple elevating roof can provide is incredibly beneficial. You can guarantee that you would thank yourself for carrying out this type of conversion and it is definitely worthwhile looking into in more detail. If you have any questions at all in this regard, please feel free to contact us here at Wessex Vans. 

We specialise in VW camper conversions in Wiltshire and we are no stranger to roof conversions. Our experienced team will gladly discuss them with you in more detail and if you do decide to go ahead and get a pop top roof, we can carry out the required work for you too. Here at Wessex Vans we exclusively offer Reimo roofs for conversions and in our expert opinion, they are the highest quality when compared to other brands we have tried. For additional peace of mind, all of our roof conversions have a 7-year shell and 3-year parts warranty as well. To find out more, get in touch with our team today. 

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