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What Makes T5 Kombi Conversions So Popular

Added: 04 August 2021

When you own a Volkswagen Transporter T5, it is likely that you will have looked into converting it into a camper, however, having a fully converted camper van isn’t always convenient for everyone. Thankfully, there is so much flexibility in this regard for T5 owners and if you’re interested in going ahead with a camper van conversion, you will have plenty of different conversion options available to choose from. 

For those who are looking for a conversion solution that still allows them to use their T5 as a normal van, both Kombi conversions and Caravelle conversions are a brilliant choice and they are much more versatile than a fully converted camper. It is actually becoming increasingly common for people to invest in Kombi conversions and below we have looked into some of the various reasons why they’re so popular nowadays. 

Easily turn the van into a camper 

Many like the fact that a T5 Kombi conversion provides them with a multi-purpose vehicle. Not only can they drive around in the van as normal, but it can easily be turned into a camper too. By using a Kombi bed, your van will be perfect for weekends away and you can create a full-width rear sleeping area in just a few minutes. A T5 Kombi conversion offers maximum versatility, providing you with the best of both worlds. 

Room for the whole family

Unlike fully-converted campers, Kombi vans have room for the whole family too and lots of people like that they can still comfortably seat five people in their T5 once they’ve had the conversion. The seating in the back of a Kombi van is very adaptable and you can opt for a classic triple bench seat, a 2 + 1 configuration or 1 + 1 + 1 single seats, so you can choose the best solution for your family. Often, the front seats can conveniently spin around as well. 

Comfortable to travel in 

When it comes to making long journeys with lots of people, a T5 Kombi conversion is superior and many are drawn to the fact that they can easily travel for hours without getting uncomfortable. The seats in a Kombi van are very spacious and provide plenty of legroom, and you won’t have to worry about passengers being cramped. Kombi vans have lots of windows as well, so you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views as you drive. 

Plenty of boot space 

Not only do the passengers have lots of space in a Kombi van, but you won’t be short on luggage space either and lots of people go ahead with a T5 Kombi conversion because it allows them to have an enormous amount of boot space. No matter what you’re needing for your trip away and even if you’re carrying a dismantled Kombi bed, you won’t struggle to fit everything into your boot. It couldn’t be easier to load and unload the boot space either. 

Incorporate other conversion options

When you choose to go ahead with a T5 Kombi conversion, you will still have lots of different conversion options available to you and many take advantage of these. As well as having full carpet lining and insulation installed, many will have LED spot and strip lighting too, to make the van seem more homely. You can even add a pop-top roof to your Kombi van if you wanted to, allowing you to sleep more people in the van whilst you’re away. 

Investing in a T5 Kombi conversion 

All in all, whilst there are lots of different ways you can convert a Volkswagen Transporter van, it is easy to see why so many people choose a simple Kombi conversion these days. Whenever you’re wanting to upgrade your T5, it is undeniably worthwhile looking into this popular type of conversion in more detail and you never know, a Kombi conversion might end up being the best solution for you and your family. 

If you’re interested in VW T5 Kombi conversions and you’re looking for a company that can help you convert your Volkswagen Transporter, there is no one better to contact than our team here at Wessex Vans. We have developed a range of VW camper conversions for the T5 and T6, and no matter what you have in mind for your VW van, we will be able to help you create the perfect leisure vehicle. You can have complete peace of mind that all of our conversions are carried out by skilled craftsmen and technicians, and the end result will be stunning. 

Why Choose Wessex

At Wessex all our conversions are carried out to the highest standards by qualified technicians in a secure fully insured unit. Electrical & gas work comes with safety certification.

Over the years we have listened to our customers needs and developed many of our conversions around their requests. We are passionate about making sure our customers leave us with the vehicle of their dreams rather than compromising as we appreciate how much of a commitment and lifestyle choice it is.

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