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VW range update

Added: 11 June 2021

Hi to all our readers! Here is an update on the VW range of Commercial vehicles, Car-derived vans and panel vans:

According to the press and a statement from VW Germany, the much-anticipated T7 will be launched in 2022. This vehicle will specifically be made for the Caravelle market and is designed to replace the Sharan and Touran in the car range too. There is no intention at present to make this Hybrid into a Kombi, Panel van or California. VW are keeping the T6.1 in production to provide the commercial sector with Panel and Kombi Vans and keeping the T6.1 for the California leisure market (good news for us converters and customers worrying about future values when purchasing now)!

The all-new ID Buzz range of commercial vehicles are also due to hit the market in 2022. These vans are all-electric and will only be made in a cargo version (panel van) to allow for the extra weight of batteries so that it can deliver a longer range on one charge than the current ABTe version. This is the step forward to autonomous (driverless) vehicles. Albeit there has been a Prototype made in the Car-derived van version, this is likely to not be released until early 2025 and again will be a people carrier rather than a kombi or camper version. One would think this vehicle would then fall into the tax break bracket should anybody wish to put it through their business as an electric vehicle, but we need to wait and see what HMRC decides on that one…

To sum up; it looks like the T6.1 is going to be around for a while yet and the rumoured swap to T7 for all commercials is just a rumour. There is however no news on if there will be a Hybrid version of the T6.1.

As ever watch this space for updates.

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