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Useful Tips For Buying A Converted VW Transporter T6

Added: 09 August 2021

Buying your first converted campervan is incredibly exciting and there are so many amazing vehicles to choose from these days, yet the most popular remains to be a Volkswagen Transporter. The fact that you can purchase vans that have already been fully converted is brilliant too as you won’t have to worry about doing any of the conversion work yourself and you can simply enjoy all of the benefits that come with being a campervan owner. 

You may have noticed when you started browsing the market for VW Transporters that there is a huge range of different leisure vehicles available and narrowing down your options isn’t always easy. Even if you know that you definitely want a VW Transporter T6, you will still have a huge selection to choose from. So, to help anyone who is purchasing a camper for the first time, below are some useful tips. 

Turn to a reliable campervan conversion company

Whilst you will be able to purchase converted VW Transporter T6s from private sellers, this can sometimes be quite risky. Unless you know a lot about campers and how to fully inspect a van before purchasing, it is often safer to turn to a reliable campervan conversion company that has vans for sale. Of course, always do your research into a company and look at their feedback before you buy though. 

Look into the different conversion options available 

Many don’t realise that there will be different types of converted VW Transporter T6s for sale. Not only can you get fully converted vans, but you can also buy Kombi converted vans and Caravelle converted vans too. Take some time to look into the different conversion options available to you and decide which will best suit your needs. You can then start narrowing down the vast market. 

Go and see the campervan before you buy it 

It goes without saying really that you should never purchase a campervan without going to see it in person. Even if there are plenty of pictures and videos of the VW van that you’re interested in, you shouldn’t hand over any money until you’ve taken a look at both the outside and the inside of the camper yourself. Taking the van out for a test drive can be really beneficial too and it’s worth doing if you can. 

Always check for a Gas Safe certificate

All of the converted VW Transporter T6s for sale that you come across will have had both gas and electrical work carried out on them. For this reason, it is incredibly important to check that this work has been independently signed off and certified by a qualified technician, and that the van comes with a full Gas Safe certificate too. This can provide you with peace of mind that your new camper is safe to use. 

Know what’s important to you and your family 

Different VW Transporters are converted in different ways and it is unlikely that you will come across two vans that are identical. To help you narrow down your options and make finding your perfect van easier, think about what is likely to be essential for you and your family. For example, do you definitely need a pop-top roof and a bike rack? Knowing what’s important to you is really helpful. 

Consider a bespoke conversion for a VW Transporter van

If you’re struggling to find a converted VW Transporter T6 for sale that meets all of your individual needs and requirements, instead of compromising it is worthwhile considering converting your own van. A team of specialists will be able to do all of the work for you, but you can ensure that the conversion is absolutely perfect. This may even end up being a more cost-effective solution for you. 

Looking at different VW Transporter T6s for sale

There really are numerous benefits to owning a campervan and you can guarantee that you will get so much use out of your converted van. Hopefully, if you’re currently looking at the various different VW Transporter T6s for sale and you’re completely new to the world of campervans, the tips above will be beneficial to you and they will help to ensure that you’re investing your money in the right converted camper. 

When searching for a reliable company that has VW Transporter T6s for sale, be sure to check out the Wessex Vans website. We have a brilliant collection of Volkswagen Transporters available to purchase all of which have been converted by our talented team in-house. You can always purchase a campervan from us knowing that it will be converted to the highest possible standards and you won’t be disappointed with the high-quality workmanship inside the van. To find out more about any of the vans you’ve seen on our site, please feel free to contact us today. 

Why Choose Wessex

At Wessex all our conversions are carried out to the highest standards by qualified technicians in a secure fully insured unit. Electrical & gas work comes with safety certification.

Over the years we have listened to our customers needs and developed many of our conversions around their requests. We are passionate about making sure our customers leave us with the vehicle of their dreams rather than compromising as we appreciate how much of a commitment and lifestyle choice it is.

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