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The Compelling Benefits Of Owning A Campervan

Added: 11 May 2021

As ‘staycations’ become much more popular here in the UK, lots of people are considering investing in some type of recreational vehicle that they can use when they go camping with friends and family. If you have ever slept in a tent before then it is likely that a campervan will seem very appealing to you and it is fair to say that there really are a number of benefits to owning your own luxurious VW camper. 

However, it goes without saying that camper vans are a big investment and when looking into converted VWs their higher price point can sometimes be slightly off-putting. If you have been considering investing in a converted VW campervan for a while now and you’re trying to weigh up the pros and cons of having your own leisure vehicle to enjoy, below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of investing in a camper. 

You can enjoy spontaneous weekends away 

When you own a campervan, you really can have a holiday whenever you’d like and spontaneous weekend getaways are incredibly easy to organise. If the weather looks good for the weekend, you can simply book a campsite and pack up your caravan to enjoy the sunshine somewhere new. You’ll never be sitting at home bored when you have a VW camper. 

It’s a brilliant upgrade from a tent 

Of course, any van conversion is a great upgrade from a tent and when you’re ‘staycationing’ in the UK, you will have a few more home comforts. Not only will you have a bed to sleep in rather than a sleeping bag on the floor, but lots of campervans have fully-equipped kitchens too. So, you will be able to keep things cold in a fridge and even make your own meals if you want to. 

Your holidays will be less expensive

Generally speaking, holidays can be quite expensive and whether you book a lodge in the countryside or a hotel in the city, it can cost hundreds of pounds. However, when you have your own camper, booking a week on a campsite will cost you a fraction of the price of any other accommodation and you will probably be able to afford multiple holidays every year. 

The vehicle itself is really versatile 

Even though converted VWs are predominantly designed to be recreational vehicles, there is nothing stopping you from using your camper on a daily basis too. Many campervans still have 5 or more usable seats and they can actually be a brilliant family car, especially if the VW van has things like a flexible bed that can be completely packed away. 

It can be enjoyed by the whole family 

If you have children, grandchildren or even nieces and nephews, you can guarantee that they will enjoy a weekend away in your campervan as much as you. Simply spending a few days on a campsite is a brilliant way to make new memories with family and friends, and you will probably look back on these times as some of the happiest in your life. 

Campervans often hold their value

You can enjoy owning a camper knowing that if you ever want to upgrade to a new VW or just sell your campervan on then it is likely that you will make your money back. Unlike normal cars, converted vans hold their value and if your camper is in good condition then you might even make a profit when selling it on. You won’t have to worry about losing money on this investment.

Purchasing a converted VW campervan 

There really is no denying that whilst campers can sometimes be quite expensive to buy, there are a multitude of benefits to owning one and you can guarantee that this is one investment you definitely wouldn’t regret. When you think about how much you’d use a VW campervan too, the price-per-use is actually really reasonable and often, the pros of being a camper owner will significantly outweigh the cons. 

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in camper conversions in Surrey, be sure to visit the Wessex Vans website. We have been converting and selling vans for over a decade now and we are known for being one of the most reliable conversion specialists in the South. We currently have a range of campervans available to purchase and we invite you to flick through the images and watch the videos of them on our website. If you have any questions about campervan conversions or owning a VW camper, feel free to contact us today. 

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