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Different Occasions Where A Campervan Is The Perfect Accommodation Option

Added: 24 May 2021

From traditional hotels and B&Bs to modern holiday homes and log cabins, there really are so many different accommodation options to choose from these days, and no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, you won’t struggle to find somewhere to say. That being said, some of these accommodation options are often more suitable and convenient than others for different types of trips.

Surprisingly to some, a campervan is actually one of the most versatile options when it comes to accommodation and it can be incredibly beneficial on a number of different occasions. If you’re interested in getting a camper and you’re wondering whether you’d get enough use out of it to justify how much it costs, below we have explored just a few of the different occasions where a camper van really is the perfect accommodation option. 

Family holidays 

You can purchase converted vans that sleep more than just 2 people, making them brilliant for family holidays and you will be able to explore lots of different holiday destinations with your loved ones. If you have children, you can guarantee that they will love everything about staying in a camper and you will make so many amazing memories when you own a campervan. 

Last-minute weekends away 

When you have a camper, last-minute weekends away will become the new normal and you really can get away whenever you want to. Booking a campsite is incredibly straightforward and your campervan will always be packed up ready to go, so you can hit the road whenever you want to. These weekends away will be so much cheaper when you stay in a camper as well. 

Road trips 

Of course, campers are known for being brilliant for road trips and it doesn’t get better than exploring somewhere new in a converted van. You really will have everything you need in the camper and you won’t have the stress of organising hotels or bed and breakfasts for each part of your journey. You will have so much more flexibility when it comes to destinations to visit too. 

Day trips 

Whilst you don’t technically need accommodation for a day trip, it is worthwhile pointing out that a converted van is the perfect base for any day out with family and friends too. You can keep all of your belongings in the camper and also have plenty of space to have lunch together. If you have a fridge in your campervan too, this can be really handy for warm summer days out. 


If you enjoy going to festivals then you will definitely thank yourself for getting a camper. Sleeping in a tent is undoubtedly the worst part about a festival and when you have your own converted van, you won’t have to do this anymore. You can enjoy watching your favourite artists during the day and then come back to a warm comfortable bed in the evening. 

Get-togethers with friends 

When you have friends dotted all over the country, having a campervan will come in very handy. Getting together with people will be so much easier and instead of having to rely on your friends' spare rooms or local hotels, you will always have your own accommodation on wheels. You will never have to worry about where you’re going to sleep when meeting up with people again. 

Purchasing a converted campervan 

Ultimately, it goes without saying that a campervan is perfect for so many different occasions and it doesn’t matter whether you’re staying somewhere in the UK for a night or somewhere in Europe for a week, a simply converted van really is the perfect accommodation option. As soon as you become a campervan owner, you will be surprised by how frequently you use it and before long, you will wonder what you ever did without one. 

If you’re interested in getting a camper and you’d like to speak to someone that specialises in camper conversions in Berkshire, be sure to contact us here at Wessex Vans. We started converting vans as a hobby over a decade ago and now this hobby has turned into a successful thriving business, so you can trust that we are the best people to reach out to in this regard. We will gladly help you choose the perfect camper from our current stock or we can even convert a van for you if you’d like us to. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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