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10 Must Visit Places in the UK (and where to stay in your campervan!)

Added: 04 October 2019

10 Must Visit Places in the UK (and where to stay in your campervan!)

One of the joys of having a campervan is the freedom to drive off the beaten track, pitch up in a beautiful spot and get away from it all. The UK offers an abundance of countryside with vast green outdoor spaces, perfect for nature lovers and those that want to wake up to the sound of birdsong or waves as opposed to traffic!

With a camper, you can go on longer journeys in a lot more comfort and it is easier to park in smaller campsites and towns (compared to a standard caravan). Many of the most scenic places in England can be visited with ease in a campervan making them the ideal vehicle for road trips too.

The UK has an abundance of heritage sites, national parks and more to explore, so it’s perfect for campers, wanderers and adventurers alike. It almost seems criminal not to explore them all! So where is the best place in the UK to start?

England is one of the most visited countries in the world, and the UK is brimming with intriguing history, fascinating cities and breath-taking landscapes. One of the only countries in the world that has an abundance of historical sites, spanning from ancient roman settlements to castles dating back hundreds of years. Many of the town centres across the UK even date back to the middle ages!

Did you know that the UK has 31 world heritage sites: 26 cultural and 5 natural? With the first site listed in 1983, these ancient monuments and landscapes are protected to preserve the UK’s unique and fascinating history. Many of these are off the beaten track, so if you have a camper you are in luck.

On top of all these fascinating sites, the UK also has 15 National Parks: 10 in England, 3 in Wales and 2 in Scotland. These include The Brecon Beacons, The Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, Lake District and Northumberland to name a few. Why not make it your goal to visit them all?

Each park has a vast array of exciting walking trails, woodland, rivers, quaint historic villages and monuments to visit, perfect for a weekend away.

In addition, the English Heritage alone has 400 sites across the country including castles, historic gardens, roman sites, prehistoric sites and many more spanning 5000 years of history…

We could go on forever. All of this only scrapes the surface of what the UK has to offer!

As exciting as it all is, sometimes all those options can become a little overwhelming. Deciding which place to visit in the UK can seem like an impossible task. Especially when you’re not sure where to stay or whether or not you can take the kids.

 So, we’ve whittled them right down to give you the Top 10 Must Visit Places in the UK (and where to stay in your campervan) to make your decision a little easier. From trekking through the mountains of Scotland to exploring the mysteries of Stonehenge, we’ve done all the work for you.

Taking the whole family? There is nothing worse than turning up to your delightful destination of choice only to find they won’t let your precious pooch onto the grounds. No need to fret or trawl the internet for answers, we’ve also figured out if they are child or dog friendly too!

Whether you’re looking to go back to basics or wanting more comfort, our handy key helps you to clearly see which facilities each site has for your visit in the UK. We’ve done all the research, so you can find the perfect place to visit based on your requirements.

Perhaps you want to go walking, kayaking or climbing, or just simply sit back and take in the sights. One of these must visit places is certain to tick your boxes. So what are you waiting for?

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