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VW Camper Window Fitting

Window Conversion

Installation of side or rear windows can improve the look and usability of your van. We have both fixed and sliding options and offer windows for all side and rear door options.

  • Fixed Side
  • Opening Side
  • Privacy Glass
  • Tinting to Match with New Privacy Glass
  • Black-out curtains
  • Thermo removable Screens

Installation of additional windows is something that can make or break your van. Although sometimes considered to be an easy-fit, this can be done badly if performed by untrained technicians, we see so many vans that have badly fitted windows leading to leaking, whistling, rusting and at worst - falling out!

At Wessex Vans we use none OEM windows. The issue with the VW opening window is that they have a tendency to leak. We obviously see a lot of VW windows and would estimate that a good 30% of these vans have a leaking issue of some sort for both old and new vans. The leaking comes from the drainage in the unit itself, knowing this, we expect that if we fitted these windows we would have 3 out of 10 vans return with leaks at some time in the future.

All of our windows come with a lifetime warranty for leaking, something we could not offer if we used VW glass. Our installation process ensures you get a great product fitted to the highest standards. All exposed metal work is treated to prevent any corrosion.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can tailor a quote to your budget and need.

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