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Variotech 3000 Bed Fitting

Camper Beds

Reimo Variotech 3000

Most bed seats are fixed, so if you want a more versatile bed, the Reimo Variotech 3000 is the bed for you. The seat allows you to slide the full length of the camper-van, meaning the 3 rear passengers can sit directly behind the driver whilst travelling, leaving the maximum load area in the rear. Then, when you are at your destination and unpacked, the seat can be moved to the rear position to give you a spacious living area.

  • Seat moves on rails throughout the rear of the vans
  • Only bed available in 3/4 width that offers 3 seats with integral 3-point belts
  • Seat can be removed completely if required
  • Integrated headrests.


The RIB Altair is probably the most recognised brand of camper bed on the market. It comes in a fixed version but also has an option for a Slider Mechanism. This allows the seat to be adjusted forward & back by 20 cm similar to front cab seat adjustment. So if you want the kids a bit closer, or need extra space in the rear for bikes etc this may be the bed for you.

  • Seat can be adjusted forward & back by 20 cm
  • Rear section of bed can reclines in multiple positions
  • Integrated headrests
  • Plenty of storage room underneath


If you don't require the bed to move, the Scot bed is a cheaper option and just as comfortable in both seat and bed position. Fixed into the rear of the vehicle to give you a spacious living area. 

  • 2 seats with integral 3-point belts 3/4 width
  • 3 seats with integral 3-point belts full width
  • Sleeping on the back of the seat so no uncomfortable contour to disturb your nights sleep
  • Opened out to its bed position in less than 30 seconds.

All of our beds are safety tested and fitted by skilled technicians to the manufacturers strict guidelines, giving you a quality finish and peace of mind.


If you have a Kombi van, like the layout, but still like to camp then the Kombi bed may be the choice for you. Allowing you to create a full width rear bed it is fully removable and also allows you to carry rear passengers by folding away when not in use. To read more click here to see our Kombi Bed.

If you need any more information, about the options above, please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through them in more detail.

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